tweens1-cake-decoratingFor the beginner, you will build the skills you need for all types of cake decorating projects, from cakes and cupcakes to sweet treats. Discuss the steps used to get your idea from your creative imagination and the guidelines to a successful finished product. Topics covered in this hands on class include:
Learn how to level, torte, fill, mask and cover your cake for decorating using buttercream icing.
Learn how to fill a piping bag correctly, techniques of bag striping with a brush or spatula.
You will pipe numerous different decorations using the same tip.
Using the supplied decorating tips: Star, round, petal, drop flower, leaf and other specialty tubes.
Learn to write on your cake, as well as how to use cookie cutters as templates.

Duration Three, 3 hour classes

Tools Required: Apron, pencil, scissors, and a smile. Everything else is provided.
Prerequisite: None
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