McCall's Parents and Child Unicorn WorkshopJoin us in this class and bring the Mystical Unicorn to life. Parents and child will cover a soft vanilla cake with fondant, and will be taught how to make edible horns, ears and mane. This class is sure to make any unicorn fan smile!

Duration: One, 3 hour class.
Tools Required:
Fondant smoother
Paint Brush #3 Flat & #00 liner brush,
3 Disposable 12” Pipping bags,
#32 Ateco, Scissors, Small pallet knife,
Paring knife, Tea Towel, Pen/Pencil,
Note book (for note taking),
Small Rolling Pin,
Apron, Ziploc Bag (to take tools home)
Dressmaker measuring tape (not ruler)


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