McCall's class - cupcakes fit for the Czar
Students will learn the secrets of how to use and make beautiful cupcakes with the “famous Russian tips”. Each person will take home elaborately decorated cupcakes, that even the Czar would be impressed with!

Duration: One, 3 hour class.

Tools Required:
1 set of Russian tips, 6 Russian ball tips (optional ), tip #352, small pallet knife, scissors, Russian tip coupler, 3 Tri-colour Russian tip coupler (optional), 3 tri-colour Russian ball tip coupler (optional), 15 of 12” disposable piping bags, 3 of 18” disposable piping bags (#5529), tea towels, apron, pen/pencil, note book to take notes, Ziploc bag to take tools home

Prerequisite: None
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